Every cannabis retail store must have a licensed retail manager who performs certain duties within the cannabis retail store and holds a CRML. This includes people who: 

  • supervise, manage or hire employees of the store
  • manage the sale of cannabis
  • manage compliance issues relating to the sale of cannabis
  • buy cannabis for the store
  • enter into contracts for the store

The only people that can perform the duties listed above are people with a CRML or a CROL. If the holder of the CROL is a corporation, an individual must hold a CRML. 

You are not eligible for a CRML if: 

  • you are under 19 years of age 
  • as a licensed retail manager, you will not act in compliance with the law, or with integrity, honesty or in the public interest
  • you have been convicted or charged with certain offences: 
    • any offence under the Cannabis Licence Act, 2018 or its regulation
    • certain offences under the Cannabis Control Act, 2017 and Cannabis Act or their regulations
  • you have, or previously had, certain roles or connections with a criminal organization as defined in subsection 467.1(1) of the Criminal Code (Canada): 
    • you are, or have been a member of the criminal organization
    • you are, or have been involved in the criminal organization
    • you contribute, or have contributed to, the activities of the organization
  • you are carrying on activities that are not in compliance with certain laws. 
    • certain offences under the Cannabis Control Act, 2017  and Cannabis Act 
  • you have made a false statement or provided false information in your application

Generally,  you must wait 2 years to apply again for a CRML if you:

  • applied for a new CRML or renewal of a CRML in the past but were refused, or
  • you had a CRML in the past but the licence was revoked.

You may have conditions put on your CRML to address any specific risks or concerns. There are also conditions in the Cannabis Licence Act, 2018 that apply to CRMLs. 

You cannot transfer your CRML to another individual.