Electronic Raffle Operational Terms and Conditions


Raffle means a lottery scheme where Tick­ets are sold for a chance to win a prize at a draw, and includes 50/50 draws.

Electronic Raffle Assets means supplies, equipment, or financial assets related to the Raffle, including but not limited to cash, Raffle Sales Units, and other assets.

Electronic Raffle Personnel means indi­viduals involved in the operation of the electronic Raffle, including both paid staff and volunteers.

Electronic Raffle System (ERS) means gaming equipment, including both software and hardware, that is used to generate and record Raffle numbers; account for sales of Raffle Tickets; select the winning Raffle Ticket; display the award; or print tickets, award amount, results, and other information related to the raffle.

Raffle Ticket (also known as Ticket) means a type of lottery Ticket which serves as a transaction record (receipt) for the pur­chase of one or more Raffle numbers.

Licence means a Licence issued to an eli­gible charitable organization under the Criminal Code (Canada) by or under the authority of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, to conduct and manage a lottery scheme approved by the Registrar.

Licensee means a charitable organization to which a Licence is issued.

Notification Matrix means a document defining the types of incidents and regulatory submissions that must be reported to the AGCO as well as the requirements for how the notification must be made (e.g., written communication, phone call, etc.)

Raffle Number means the identifier pro-viding a unique entry into the draw, representing a chance to win.

Backend System means a dedicated computer system that is used to conduct and manage Raffle Games. It includes servers and databases.

Raffle Sales Unit (RSU) means a fixed base or mobile device, which communicates with the backend system to facilitate the sale of Raffle Tickets.