Section 9: Delivery from Manufacturer Retail Stores

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Manufacturers that hold a Retail Store Endorsement may sell products from their retail store for delivery to the public. Delivery may be conducted by the licensee, their employees, another AGCO-licensed manufacturer that holds a Delivery Endorsement, under a Liquor Delivery Licence or by a carrier, in accordance with the requirements in Regulations 745/21 and 746/21 under the Liquor Licence and Control Act and in the standards and requirements established by the Registrar.

Manufacturers may not use warehouses located away from their production site to service or fulfill deliveries to consumers for products sold from their retail store. Products sold for delivery to customers from a retail store must be delivered from that retail store.

Delivery by the Holder of Liquor Delivery Licence

Liquor sold at a winery retail store may also be delivered by the holder of a Liquor Delivery Service Licence or its employees or contractors.

Wineries may enter into a non-exclusive agreement with liquor delivery service licensees to facilitate or promote the purchase and delivery of liquor from the winery’s retail store. These agreements cannot restrict a liquor delivery licensee or manufacturer from entering into further agreements with other manufacturers.

Delivery by carrier

Wineries may use a carrier to deliver wine sold at the winery’s retail store. The winery must ensure the carrier complies with the conditions for delivery set out in Regulation 745/21.


Delivery Endorsement

A winery that wishes to deliver liquor on behalf of another manufacturer from that manufacturer’s retail store must apply for a Delivery Endorsement. A manufacturer does not require a Delivery Endorsement to deliver its products from its own retail store.

Delivery must be conducted in accordance with the requirements set out in Regulation 746/21 under the Liquor Licence and Control Act and in the in the standards and requirements established by the Registrar.

The manufacturer that holds the Delivery Endorsement is not required to operate a retail store, but products being delivered under the endorsement must be sold from a manufacturer’s retail store. With the endorsement, a manufacturer can deliver any type of liquor (i.e. beer, wine or spirits) that is sold at the retail store.

Eligibility Criteria

Only manufacturers that hold a Winery Licence, Brewery Licence or Distillery Licence are eligible for the Delivery Endorsement. Only one endorsement is required per manufacturer.