Info Bulletin No.71 - AGCO Extends Risk-Based Registration to Sellers of OLG Lottery Products and Charitable Break Open Tickets

Information Bulletin
Lottery and Gaming


(May 31, 2013)

Effective May 31, 2013, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is extending its risk-based approach to the review of registration applications for the following:

  • Sellers of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) lottery products (formerly called Lottery Retailers); and
  • Sellers of charitable break open tickets (formerly called Break Open Ticket Sellers).

Risk-based registration (RBR) is one of several AGCO initiatives designed to improve service delivery to clients and refocus decision-making and the allocation of resources based on systematic assessments of risk. A risk-based approach reflects a general evolution in best practice thinking about effective regulation and supports a broader transition underway in the gaming sector toward a less prescriptive and more standards-based regulatory approach.

RBR has two main goals:

  1. To improve overall service delivery to AGCO clients by streamlining the application process and allowing the registration of lower risk applicants to be processed more quickly; and
  2. To target AGCO resources on those applicants who represent a higher level of risk to the integrity of the gaming industry and the broader public interest.

With the addition of Sellers, all categories of gaming registration applications are now reviewed and processed under RBR.

For more information about risk-based registration, please see Information Bulletin No. 68 - AGCO implements risk-based registration to process gaming registrations.

For questions about risk-based registration or your specific gaming registration, please contact the AGCO’s Customer Service department at 1-800-522-2876 (toll free in Ontario) or 416- 326-8700 (in the Greater Toronto Area).

For frequently asked questions, please see Risk-Based Registration (RBR) FAQs.