Raffle Licence Terms and Conditions


bona fide member means a member in good standing of the licensee who has other duties, beyond conducting lotteries, within the organization. “Members of con­venience” whose only duty is to assist with the raffle lottery are not considered bona fide members.

books and records means documents out­lining financial details of lottery events and includes, but is not limited to, ledgers, sub ledgers, cheque books, cheque stubs, deposit books, deposit slips, bank statements, cancelled cheques, receipts, invoices, and control sheets.

licensee means an organization which has been issued a licence to conduct a lottery under Section 207 of the Criminal Code.

licensing authority means a person or authority specified by Lieutenant Governor in Council as a licensing authority for pur­poses of section 207 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

raffle means a lottery scheme where tickets are sold for a chance to win a prize at a draw, and includes 50/50 draws, elimination draws, calendar draws, sports raffles and “rubber duck” races.

Registrar means the Registrar made under the Alcohol, Cannabis and Gaming Regulation and Public Protection Act, 1996.


Any raffle licence issued is subject to the fol­lowing terms and conditions and the Lottery Licence Terms and Conditions (4240). In addi­tion to these terms and conditions, electronic raffles are subject to the Electronic Raffle Operational Terms and Conditions (6049). Raffle licences may be subject to audit and investigation by the licensing authority. A breach of any term and condition can result in the cancellation or suspension of the licence or in prosecution.

It is a condition of each licence that: