Merchandise Bingo Licence at a Designated Fair or Exhibition Terms and Conditions


Merchandise Bingo means a bingo event where the prizes to be awarded consist of merchandise.

The following terms and conditions apply to each Merchandise Bingo licence conducted at a desig- nated fair or exhibition and are in addition to the Fair or Exhibition Gaming Event LicenceTerms and Conditions:

Rules of Play

  1. The arrangement of numbers required to be covered on bingo paper in order to win the game and the amount of the prize for each game must be announced to the play- ers immediately before each game begins.

    a) Each prize cannot exceed $500.00.

    b) The maximum entry fee to participate in any game of Merchandise Bingo must not exceed five dollars ($5.00).
  2. The licensee must not redeem any mer- chandise or gift certificate for cash.
  3. a) A player must be declared the winner of a game if they have covered
    all of the numbers in the required arrangement.

    b) A player does not need to have the last number called in order to be declared a winner.

  4. A licensee must verify, at the time a player claims to have won and before a prize is awarded, that the numbers cov- ered on the bingo paper are a winning arrangement by audible call back of the numbers covered on the bingo paper in the immediate presence of one (1) or more neutral players.
  5. a) After a winner has been declared, the licensee must ensure that the caller enquires clearly and audibly three (3) times of the players whether there are any other players claiming to be a winner of that game. If there are no other winners, the licensee must ensure the caller declares the game to be closed.

    b) No claim of a player to have won a game shall be valid if made after the game has been declared closed.

  6. a) The merchandise prize must be paid to a winner or winners.The caller must announce the number of winners for each game.

    b) Where there is more than one (1) winner of a bingo game, all players having obtained a valid bingo must each be awarded a merchandise prize.

  7. In the event that the number on a ball is miscalled, the actual number on the ball and not the called number will be the offi- cial number for the game. Any claim by a player to have won a bingo using a mis- called number must be disallowed.