Rules of Procedure for Arbitration of Lottery Disputes

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Made pursuant to the
ONTARIO LOTTERY AND GAMING CORPORATION ACT, 1999 and its Regulation 198/00, as amended

Effective January 1, 2012

Rules of Procedure for Arbitration of Lottery Disputes

These Rules list general, procedural and administrative matters that apply to arbitration of a lottery dispute using the provisions of section 11.2 of Ontario Regulation 198/00 as amended by Ontario Regulation 283/07 made under the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Act, 1999. The Rules are effective January 1, 2012 and replace the Interim Rules of Procedure for Lottery Arbitrations.

It is the choice of the participants to the dispute to resolve a lottery dispute through arbitration or by proceeding in the Ontario courts. While, in general, arbitration is considered faster, more informal, and, often, less expensive than the court, each participant should obtain independent legal advice and consider the advantages and disadvantages of both systems before making your decision.

Costs of the arbitration are the responsibility of the participants. The arbitrators and the AGCO shall recover the costs for all services provided in relation to arbitration of a lottery dispute from the participants with the anticipated charges being collected from the participants in advance of the arbitration.

How to use these Rules

The Index sets out the areas covered by the different Rules. Use it to help you locate the applicable Rule or Rules. In addition, some words used in the Rules have specialized meanings. The definitions for these words are found at the beginning of the Rules.
Copies of the Rules and forms may be obtained without charge from the Chair’s Office, AGCO, located on the 3rd floor at 90 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario M2N 0A4 or may be printed from this webpage (see "Printer-friendly version" link below).   

Need Help? 

AGCO staff can provide general information about the lottery arbitration process and procedures but cannot give legal advice or complete documents for you. If you have any questions, please contact the Chair’s Office by email at or by phone at 289-385-6463.