Ontario municipalities have a one-time option to opt-out of having cannabis retail stores in their communities. Municipalities have until January 22, 2019 to inform the AGCO if they wish to opt out. Municipalities that choose to opt out can opt back in at any time—but once they are in, they may no longer opt out.

If the AGCO has not received written notification from a municipality by January 22, 2019, then, by default, private cannabis retail stores will be allowed within that jurisdiction beginning April 1, 2019.

Opt-out notifications must include:

  • the official name of the municipality
  • the date the resolution was passed.

If at any time before January 22, 2019, a municipality decides it will allow cannabis retail stores within its jurisdiction, the municipality is encouraged to formally notify the AGCO as soon as possible.

As municipalities provide this information, we will update the table below.

(required for opt-outs only)
Municipality Status Date of resolution
Goderich, Town of Opted-in -
Gore Bay, Town of Opted-in -
Greater Madawaska, Township of Opted-in -
Greater Sudbury, City of Opted-in -
Grey Highlands, Municipality of Opted-in -
Guelph, City of Opted-in -
Hamilton, City of Opted-in -
Hanover, Town of Opted-in -
Hastings Highlands, Municipality of Opted-in -
Hawkesbury, Town of Opted-in -
Hearst, Town of Opted-in -
Highlands East, Municipality of Opted-in -
Hilton, Township of Opted-in -
Hilton Beach, Village of Opted-in -
Hornepayne, Township of Opted-in -
Horton, Township of Opted-in -
Howick, Township of Opted-in -
Huntsville, Town of Opted-in -
Huron East, Municipality of Opted-in -
Huron Shores, Municipality of Opted-in -